Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MSR Family

This is my mother Nagalakshmi alias kuppalu and my father M.S.Ramanatha Iyer.

Father is performing Siva pooja.

Nagalakshmi alias Kuppalu :-(1923-1983)
Her mother is Balambal alias Sundarambal and father is Kodeeswara Iyer. Ofcourse people praised him as a man who is one in crore. He worked in a key post in Sivaganga Samasthanam( ie Devasthanam) . They lost their first two children at the early stage. Worrying couple prayed the Goddess Milakanoor Meenakshi and Nayeenar koil Naganatha swamy for a child just stay like a kuppai. So they named Naga for Naganatha swamy and Lakshmi the name of her grand mother. Combining them as Nagalakshmi and also called her as kuppalu. She had one brother Kaleeswaran alias Ramasamy(kalu) and one sister Meenakshi(Meenu).
Kuppalu Ammal is simple,helpful and has good quality. Her smiling face is attracted by all.
She stood first in all her brother and sister house functions and activities. Let me explain in the follwing posting. She helped not only her relations but also to many persons in Sivaganga.

Brahmasree M.S.Ramanatha Iyer :-

He is the one and only son of Ramalakshmi and Sundaram Iyer. He is the native of Milakanoor near Manamadurai. He is pious,honest and talented. Everyday he performs Panchatshara Siva pooja. He takes the pradosha vrudham and performs the siva pooja in the pradosha kaalam(ie, evening 4-30 to 6 PM, every thriyodasi both sukla and krishna paksham).His Pradosha vrudha poorthy function was celebrated in a grand manner.

He is expert in Karnatic music vocal,violin and veena. He teaches the same to many students in Sivaganga. Though he is perfect tamilian he knows the languages Grantham and Telugu. He speaks telugu fluently.

At 1930 he starts single teacher school and he raises into a Primary school and then Middle school.Since he is devotee of Swamy Vivekanandar he named his school as Swamy vivekananda school with a massive strength. MSR,Kuppalu the couple has one daughter Saroja and two sons Meenakshisundaram(my self) and Sankaran. Now the second son Sankaran is the owner of that school and he raised the school into Swamy Vivekananda High School. we all wish the school to be a Higher secondaray school.

It is not easy to explain their simplicity,honest,helping tendencies and their good character in these lines.
Further I have created WEB site in my father name MSR heritage. It contains 4to 5 generations fo family members about 600 relations. My email id link is

The web site link is
but member can go into the site.

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